>No Caffeine Makes You Senile

>I’ve been a week without coffee. I decided to stop drinking it when the beau started a detox fast, and then a day later my coffeepot cracked in the sink, so that was that. I’ve allowed myself a black tea with breakfast, and maybe another in the early afternoon, but no more than that. And the change has been amazing to witness — for one thing, I have become nearly hopelessly scatterbrained (which is a nice way of saying I’ve gone senile.) I can’t remember the names of old friends, or where I just put my glasses/cell phone/keys. Yesterday at the post office I couldn’t find my ATM card — and realized with a fright that I hadn’t seen or used it since Saturday. What had I done with it? I’d left it in the machine at the supermarket cashier, and it was waiting for me at the customer service desk. Sheesh. I think tomorrow I’ll buy a new replacement pot and start making coffee again.

There was an article a while back about how coffee can hold off Alzeimer’s disease. OK, after this week you convinced me.

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3 Responses to >No Caffeine Makes You Senile

  1. Gummo says:

    >You're preaching to the choir, m'dear.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >I'm preaching to myself!!! Finally broke down and made some this morning.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I'm fond of a strong cup of coffee in the AM followed by tricking myself with various teas throughout the day. Seems to work.I'm sorry you won't be around Eschaton for the immediate future; I'll miss you! Who else can I fun around about King Stoodenicha-whasis with?!Keep posting all your lovely photos and stories, please! They're such a wonderful glimpse into Europe outside travelogues./Snugglebunny

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