>This is not a media blog…

>and I have no intention of going down that road (plenty of other people do it better, and I like my health.) But last night, on NBC Nightly News, I’m pretty sure anchor Brian Williams referred to the late Tsutomu Yamaguchi as the having survived “the only two atom bombs unleashed upon the earth.” Um, maybe the only two used to intentionally kill people, but unfortunately the earth has suffered a hell of a lot more A-bombs than two. All those tests in the deserts and undersea spring to mind.
And while I am here I may as well gripe about the CNN newsdude who pointed to the Red Sea while referring to it as the Suez Canal earlier this week.

The NBC Nightly News archives are not yet up, but I’ll double-check and update when they are.

UPDATE: “the only two atomic bombs ever unleashed on the planet.” I suspect the planet will disagree with that.

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