>Body By Victoria, or at least her photoshoppers.

>Thanks to FM4’s Webtip today: a breakdown on how fashion photos are manipulated, in minute and fascinating detail. And that link led me to another gem, Photoshop Disasters. Fun to peruse and spot the FAIL.

You know, when even the super-skinny, beautiful young fashion models have to be digitally enhanced/resculpted/lightened, maybe there’s something not quite right with society. Just sayin’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Quite a few years ago, it was revealed that a magazine cover of gorgeous Michelle Pfeifer was substantially "improved" – I'm not talking about airbrushing out a pimple, either. Numerous alterations. It's really a shame, especially because a beautiful woman's "flaws" (like Lauren Hutton's gap teeth and the bags under Shalom Harlow's eyes) are absolutely charming! -Carlisle

  2. Marcellina says:

    >I saw recent before/after pics of Jessica Alba, where a few ribs were taken out "slim" her down. And we wonder we have eating complexes.

  3. Gummo says:

    >Just a couple of years ago, Jamie Lee Curtis had one of the big women's magazines print real and touched-up photos of her to show what's commonly done to pix of celebrities to make them look perfect. A brave move on her part, but alas, it didn't change anything.

  4. Gummo says:

    >BTW, hi yourself!

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