>Imagining Peace, One Question At A Time

>Yoko Ono recently took questions via Twitter and published the answers to, I would guess, all submissions (there look to be hundreds!) Yoko has always seemed, from news footage and media reports, to be quiet and aloof but from her answers I get the feeling that she’s actually funny, warm and endlessly optimistic. Here are a few of the Q/As that I liked. Click on the title above if you want to read them all. (And I love her recent single, “The Sun Is Down”.)

What is your greatest strength? Your greatest weakness?
My greatest strength is believing in me. My greatest weakness is not believing in me.

Do you think people assumed you were only recognized as an artist because of your high profile partner?
Yes, yes, yes. But there are worse thing in life than that.

Hi Yoko! In your heartfelt hope for World Peace does it upset you that so many people can’t seem to see beyond tomorrow?
When we did the bed-in, we were so upset that the world did not stop the war right away after. Remember, if you change, the world will change, too. It just takes a little more time than you expect. I’m with you. Love, yoko

what did u think of Obama Nobel Peace award speech? I’m upset, wondering what we can do w/people justifying war.
We have to be very patient, and very, very supportive. After all, he’s the only one we have. Pulling his legs at this point is not going to do any good for us.

Ok..How would you suggest that I accept trust in my life and believe in it?
Because the choice is either that or live in a mental hospital in your head.

How do you know the difference between pursuing your dreams and selfishness?
Can you pursue your dreams without you? Selfishness is a moralistic interpretation of just acknowledging yourself. I don’t buy it. Pursue your dreams, by all means, by acknowledging your life force every step of the way.

Why are some people so uncaring and rude to fellow human beings when they themselves are so gifted and could do so much good?
We all need love. When it seems that we are not getting love, and somebody else is getting it, we scream murder. We make ourselves the children starving for love. Reach out and give love, share your warmth. You will find it immensely pleasing that you are creating and giving love where there is need.

In this world filled with unanswered questions.– Are there any real answers?
Yes! You are alive! Enjoy that fact – every minute of it. Because one day, there will be a change.

what is the best way to get rid of negative emotion?
Not get rid of it, but just use it… like the salt in your food.

Do you still feel John’s presence?
Yes. I think so.

do you believe in reincarnation?
Don’t you?

Dear Mrs Ono! What is your advice for us for the new year? What will be the most important thing to pay attention for? Thank you.
Believe in yourself. Stay healthy. Stay in love with your life. All of what you do is changing our Universe for the better. Every little thing you think and do, effect our world and is making it better. Know that we appreciate that. And keep catching our vibration of love to you. 2010 will be a great year for you.

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  1. Ali says:

    >Interesting! I don't think I'll read them all, but thanks for posting some of them here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >These are beautiful, and an answer to anyone who ever wondered what John saw in Yoko. -Carlisle. PS Happy New Year!

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