>A New Waste Of Time

>I have, two years late, discovered Twitter. Not that I didn’t know about Twitter until now, but it seemed designed for people with Blackberries, and I couldn’t imagine a place for myself on it. But due to some recent events here I am, signed in with a profile and everything. So far in my first week I have all of eight people reading what I post, but for me the interesting part is just following the Big Conversation.
Thoughts so far: it works like a customized chatroom, where you can follow the 140-character tweets of chosen individuals (and larger institutions and celebrities, if you’re into that kind of information) and (if you’re interesting enough) be followed by others. For example, my eight readers are people I know from other political sites, but at the same time I am able to follow well-known bloggers, the White House, Paul Krugman, and Bootsy Collins (discovering that Bootsy Collins uses Twitter made the entire enterprise worthwhile!)

Part of my avoidance up til now was also due to the general opinion of the uninitiated, which is that you must think you’re pretty important to throw out opinions, unasked, onto the internet. But once I got on and just went with the flow, I saw that one can be as self-important (or not) as one feels. If I don’t post anything interesting, no one will listen, it’s that easy. In this sense it’s basically Facebook without the useful/annoying apps.

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