>It’s the last day of October, and from what I remember winter comes pretty quickly once November hits, so I had to take advantage of the sunny weather and hike. Actually, today was also the last day that the Wolfsklamm (the wolves’ gorge) is open to hikers until next May. A lot of outdoor attractions close during or after October.
This was at the beginning of the gorge — still a little sunshine, but not for long.
Yes, that’s a bridge there, clinging to the rock face. Sturdy shoes and surefootedness are a must, although kids can manage it — I passed a few families along the way with kids under 10.
Then the path winds higher, out of the gorge and into the hills. There are over 350 steps to climb in this trail, and a lot of them are slick with icy water from the falls.
Upon exiting the gorge, the Benedictine cloister Sankt Georgenberg. There’s a nice restaurant up there with a sun terrace. I had the best Käsespätzle I have ever eaten, and studied my hiking map in the sunshine. After lunch, the path continued to Schoss Tratzberg, which has public tours of some of the rooms (a count and countess live there for real, and those sides of the castle are of course off limits. We did see their dog through the glass door to the sunroom, though.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >That bridge! Did you really walk across it? It reminds me of the bridge in Monty Python and the Holy Grail ("What is your quest?")-Carlisle

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