>Fact checking, because it matters.

>Found on the site DIYExpat:

Some people joke that the Austrians must be the smartest people in the world because they are the only ones who can make Mozart to be Austrian and Hitler to be German. (It’s the opposite, in fact.)

Wrong! Mozart was Austrian. It’s Beethoven who’s the German*, not Mozart. Mozart’s father was from Augsburg, true, but he became an official citizen of Salzburg, and Mozart’s mother was from Sankt Gilgen, in the Salzkammergut.

Yeah, I know, most people will think, “Beethoven, Mozart, what’s the difference? Oh yeah, one wrote that symphony that goes ‘dat dat dat daaaaa’, and the other one was in that movie.”
But if you’re going to make a little dig at the Austrians, at least don’t screw it up. I would have liked to have commented on the site or sent an e-mail, but the site didn’t give me those options. I hope somebody over there reads this and fixes the quote, please.

*Born in Bonn. Actually Bonn was part of the Holy Roman Empire at the time of his birth. Unified Germany came later, in 1871. And to be fair, so was Salzburg where Mozart was born. And Vienna, where they both died.

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