>A hike up to the Bodenstein Alm

>Another glorious Indian Summer Sunday in Tirol — how can one stay inside? Well, I have a few different reasons for deciding to hike up into the hills; because it’s nice up there, it’s a good way to flush any negative thoughts out of the system, and not least because in the piece we are rehearsing, I have to squat down and stand back up a few times in the staging, and it’s killing my (out-of-shape) quadriceps. But a hike is just the thing for that, so off I went.
The Bodenstein Alm is, at 1661 Höhenmeter, about 1100 meters above the city, and lies between Arzler Alm (1067, which is very nice but packed with families with small children, since it seems that any robust Tirolean 5-yr-old can climb it to the playground there) and the hotel and restaurant at the Seegrube, a little farther up. The tourists and families don’t hike that far up (they take the cable car to the Seegrube), so it remains a sort of local secret. The food is traditional Tirolean, and very good. Frankly, after 2 hours going uphill I would have probably not noticed if it weren’t.
This was also the first time I got a good look at the new single track put in for the thrill-seeking downhill bikers. You take your bike to the Seegrube via the cable car, then let gravity and your skill assist you to the bottom on a track that basically goes straight down, right underneath the cable car lines. I watched a few of them on the course and could only shake my head in awe. Yeah, they fly over that little hill there with the ramp.

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