>Hike To The Sattelalm


“Jetzt bist du bald oben
mein lieber Tourist
die Aussicht wird loben
wenn du oben bist!”

My hike began with a train ride to Gries, a tiny town just north of the Brenner Pass. From there I took the trails up to the Sattleralm, a guest house at 1637 meters/5370 feet above sea level.
That’s yet another, higher mountain in between those green slopes, and yes, that’s snow up there. I couldn’t tell you the name but it must be part of the Tuxer Alpen.The cows in Austria have it good. They’re brought up onto the Alm in the summer, where there are few insects to bother them and fresh alpine grass to eat. And what a view. The border between Austria and Italy (dividing the region into North and South Tirol) runs along the top of that mountain ridge in the photo above. I wanted to continue to nearest summit and put my foot over the line but it was already late, and being in the mountains after sundown can get you in trouble faster than you can say hypothermia.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Marcellina, what does the sign say? Something about a dear tourist? Also, what's with that little house? The cows are sweet…-Carlisle

  2. >wunderschöne Bilder, da kriege ich wieder Sehnsucht nach den Bergen.

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