>The Villas of Saggen

>Saggen is a neighborhood just east of the old city, a leafy, quiet residential area chock full of old villas. It was, indeed, where all the rich people lived at one time, the ones with gardeners and other servants aplenty. It was lucky during the war and escaped any bombing to speak of.
Many of the houses have been converted into apartments, offices or medical practices, but there are still a few that appear to be single-family homes. Most were built around the turn of the last century, and have that Kaiserzeit look about them. Some of them are that color I have heard referred to as “Maria Theresia yellow”, which is actually a mistake. Austrian Emperor Joseph II decreed in the 1780s that all buildings within the empire belonging to the government or to the royal family should be painted a certain yellow ochre. The correct name is Schönbrunn yellow, as Maria Theresia had nothing to do with the decree, having been dead by then.

I like to walk through this neighborhood. It’s close to the theater, the river and the Hofgarten, and has a streetcar running through its little business district at Claudiaplatz. Now all I need is a cool five million!

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