>A Gig At The Art Gallery

>My friend Hanno, who often calls me to do gigs with him, asked me to come along to an event at an art gallery which is run by a friend of his. Since we have a concert lined up the following evening, it was a good way to get back into the swing of things musically and do something nice for the gallery, and get a little extra exposure with people who might not ordinarily go to concerts. But we didn’t want to do a full program either, so we began in one corner of the room with “The 59th Street Bridge Song”…

…then moved over to another corner (where a dvd player and large screen were set up, playing a dvd of the project we had done together a few years ago) to sing a few of Hanno’s songs, including a long improvisation to accompany the visuals on the dvd.
Then, after a short pause, on to a third corner where we sat ourselves down and performed extremely laid-back versions of “Thick As A Brick”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “One More For The Road”. All of it very well received. Even this little girl seemed to like the music.

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3 Responses to >A Gig At The Art Gallery

  1. Gummo says:

    >Sounds like fun!"Thick As a Brick?" No one could say you're not eclectic…

  2. VforVirginia says:

    >Looks like fun!The outfit was just right, too.

  3. Geotacs says:

    >so cool to have been able to perform and warm people's hearts with your singing…even that little girl's :)congrats to a successful performance!cheers!

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