>Weekend Rooftop Blogging: Post-Vacation

>Well, I expected much worse! Was away for 5 weeks in all, and set up most of the leaf-bearing plants with self-watering systems made out of large watering cans and strips of old dish towel. With a little luck with the weather, it worked. The only thing that really looks bad is a peace lily which was indoors and ran out of water. We’re trying to gently nurse it back to life, and it’s half responding.
Tomato and broccoli plants actually thrived. The broccoli’s not ready to harvest yet, but I’m guessing it will be in about 4 more weeks.
This was something new, a hot pepper plant, here with two peppers ready to snap off, and many more little buds about to grow into fruit. So, all in all, a rooftop garden can survive a month of neglect if the weather plays along.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I'm impressed! Your garden is beautiful. Those tomatoes are definitely ready to eat. -Carlisle

  2. Ruth says:

    >Very lovely, and reassuring.

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