>At The Ballpark

>I have houseguests from Austria, and yesterday we spent the evening at the nearest minor league ballpark, home of the Reading Phillies. I’m not a great baseball fan, but these games are a lot of fun, especially the entertainment they cook up for us between the innings.
This guy in the ostrich costume is a regular act — he flings wrapped hot dogs into the stands for the people who make the most noise.
These were the pint-sized cheerleaders, and judging from their mastery of the dance steps it looked to be the first time for some of them! But they were awfully cute and we gave them a big hand.
Other intermezzi included the t-shirt cannon, the guys slingshooting softballs at us, the bobblehead breakdancers, the Kiss Cam, and my friends’ personal favorite, the Vegetable Races (Broccoli won.) You can’t take any of it too seriously, and for pros like us it’s like a breath of fresh air to relax and enjoy the camp!

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