>Clowning for Peace Amidst Tears, and Teargas.


(Photo courtesy of NTodd, whom I did not ask permission.)

My friend NTodd is in Israel as part of a trip with Code Pink, promoting peace in the region, doing protests in clown clothing, traveling around, meeting local people, observing. One of their protests at the Gaza border got them teargassed by the Israeli soldiers. He has several posts full of pictures up, some here and here, to give you a taste.
I highly recommend his blog, as he is someone who really walks the walk as far as trying to better the world, support progressive politicians and urge elected officials to do right, and isn’t afraid to get out there in front of cameras to help make his case, all without access to large amounts of money and connections. These are things I would not do myself but I am glad that he does, and that I can sometimes throw a shekel or two at him for a worthy cause.
Also on the trip was Patch Adams (made famous by that Robin Williams movie), who does a considerable amount of travel to developing regions all over the world, in connection with his Gesundheit! Institute.

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