>Weekend Rooftop Blogging

These are volunteers, possibly from the birdseed. I get a lot of unplanned plant-life (some of it’s too pretty call weeds) with the birdfeeder being so close.
First strawberries of the season, and the first tomatoes, although harvest time for the tomatoes will probably begin while I’m away. Someday we’ll have a plot of land where we can plant a real vegetable patch, but for now I’m getting a lot of first-hand experience with the terrace garden.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >You and Ina have the most beautiful sites. Very relaxing. Austria is fairy tale beautiful. We spent a week in Salzburg-Vienna back in the early 90's. Took the train from Vienna to Venice. I couldn't stay seated.

  2. Sara says:

    >I knew when it said "Weekend Rooftop" that we would be treated to some fabulous photos. What lovely strawberries and the tomatoes aren't bad either.Going scuba diving again this year? We'll miss you but we know the wait will be worthwhile. Looking forward to the vacation pics. Bon Voyage and be safe!

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