>Weekend Garden Blogging (belated)

>The beau was here for the weekend and we got down to business on the terrace. I had two large containers of kitchen compost from the last 8 months, so we repotted and potted up several plants, and took a trip over to the garden center to fill a few empty spots (there weren’t many but it’s fun to buy new plants, and that’s about all we’re able to buy this spring, so we treated ourselves.)
Above, in the large white pot: on the left is lemon balm, on the right Peach-leaved Bellflower, an alpine native.
The Lilies Of The Valley decided to take over most of the pot this year, leaving the Phlox (center) and the evergreen bottom right to search out sunny positions. In the left pot (still above) is an Aster, a new Potentilla, a Kniphofia (Torch Lily) and a Lavender which has grown so tall it needed to be tied to the fence.
And of course, vegetables. Aside from a few herbs near the door, there are now tomatoes, broccoli, chili and onion plants. And a pretty strawberry, already blooming.

We had terrible Föhn winds that evening and all the next day, and we worried about losing some of the new arrivals, but everything survived. The straw fence is a big help, letting some wind through and reducing the strength of the gusts. This terrace practically cries out for some kind of arbor covering — gravevines, ivy or wisteria (which I tried for a few years), but the wind won’t allow it.

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  1. ErinPDX says:

    >Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. >What a gorgeous garden. I wonder if morning glories would survive the wind? I always liked the heavenly blues and moonflowers for the evenings.

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