>Weekend Garden Blogging

>There have been a few days lately like today, when the sun warms up the terrace somewhat and one senses that spring really is on the way, beyond the official calendar date proclaiming it. On those days I have gone out and taken a look around, to see what will need to be done. (And then the cold front would come in and keep me away for another week.) So it was a pleasure to look around this morning and find that things are happening. Above, the Peony’s (Paeonia, in German Pfingstrose) first pinkish-red shoots. Below, I’m pretty sure this is the Bleeding Heart (Dicentra, or Tränendes Herz).

The Rosemary (in German, Rosmarin) has looked pretty good even through the ice and snow. In mid-May it will get some new pot-mates; chive, basil and parsley.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s kitchen garden project is posted on the White House Blog (I am still pretty impressed with that they’re doing over there, communications-wise), and I hope that the White House will keep us posted occasionally on the garden’s progress through the growing season. There was also talk somewhere about starting a beehive, which interests me even more, being something I’d like to try myself someday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Your rosemary is beautiful! Here in the States it is hardy to Zone 7 which means it will survive Philly winters, but not Carlisle ones.

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