>Because I love a nice ruin

>Returning from a hike I passed by this old heap of a former inn, just across the river from Hall in Tirol. The left side of it looks genuinely old…
while the right side seems to be either added on or renovated later. The advertisement for espresso leads me to think that it must have still been open in the 60s. And from checking Wikipedia, I learned that the Inntal Autobahn from Innsbruck to Kufstein (at the border) was built in the late 60s-early 70s, removing a lot of tourist traffic from the secondary roads and putting inns and rest stops out of business. I don’t know but I can imagine that the Gasthof, with it’s terrace and espresso bar overlooking the river, would have been a popular place to stop for travelers making their way from Italy to Munich. It would have also been a lovely place to stay when one visited Hall, which is a lovely little historic town, before the high fences erected around the rail line nearly cut it from the town completely.
But I’ll stop with the nostalgia. Although traveling to Munich on the old roads looks pleasant enough in old movies, the truth is that it took the better part of the day, as well as a control stop at the border. Now you can drive there in 90 minutes or less.

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    >Marce, ,it’s plantsman; did you ever find out why cckoz or whatever is so fixated on Deutsches Nachrichten?This rampage killing has him out of control.Miss ya.

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