>Innsbrucker Fasching 2009

>It’s Faschingdienstag, time to dress up, get drunk and revel in the streets. Although Innsbruck is not nearly as interesting as, say, Rio or Venice, it still has its own thing going, which includes a parade down Marie-Theresien-Strasse in the afternoon. Unfortunately the weather is scheisse, leading me to learn that one thing worse than a crowd of boozy spectators is a crowd of boozy spectators with umbrellas. But on the whole everyone was, if not exactly looking where they were going, non-aggressive and friendly.

Clowns are traditional. Lots of clowns and guys in drag (although I was impressed by a pretty convincing Hell Boy on Museumstrasse).
These guys have costumes made with pieces of wood attached to them, and when they dance, the wood clacks together.

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