>Mountain blogging, city edition

>Just as you can’t escape the mountains,
you can’t escape the electrical wires either. Many streets also have overhead wires off which the buses and streetcars run. But I’m a fan of streetcars. Like lots of other things, one overlooks them and forgets they are there, until a photograph is taken.
The Föhn winds brought the temperature well up into the 40s F and melted all of the snow under 1000 meters. No one imagines this will last, it’s always temporary, but a wonderful reminder of what spring will feel like, when it finally comes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >The beauty and charm of the architecture more than makes up for the electrical wires. Enjoy your faux spring – here in Phila. we are buried under 3-4 inches of snow! Naturally, we can’t cope.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Great photosI can’t leave the mountains either.How do those little timberline plants manage to survive?Just amazing.Jim B. Cripple Creek CO

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