>Inauguration Day

>I got nuthin’. Snow is coming down in massive clumps of snowflakes, and my blackbird is just hanging out. I can’t get close enough to be sure but I think she’s lost her left eye somehow.

Today’s the Inauguration, but really it’s so much formality and partying. Not that I begrudge anyone the chance to dance in the streets! But for me the most interesting part begins tomorrow, when the work starts.
The news is brimming with people with opinions as to what Obama “needs to do”. Everyone has had to put their two cents in, you’d almost think it was some behind-the-scenes game (get in an “Obama needs to” and everyone else has to drink), I have read it/heard it so often.

So I’ll put in my 2 cents as well — Mr. President, just do your best. We elected you, we have faith in you, we won’t always agree with you, but we still believe you to be the best person for the job. Good luck to you, and keep safe.

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