>Looks like Lancaster County, except for those big things

>Sorry, Agent Orange, it’s already too dark for Mountain Blogging, but here’s one I don’t think I ever published. View a dusk while driving from Dresden to Freiberg, in Saxony. There are many, many wind turbines in those parts. In their own way they are actually graceful. America could do more of this.

I remember hearing Joe Biden saying, in a campaign speech, that there is no domestic production of wind turbines, (or at least the rotors), that they had to be imported from Europe and why is that anyway? Good question, I thought. We’re facing all sorts of crises on the job front, the energy front, and why is it that no American company makes these things?

Update: see one post above.

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4 Responses to >Looks like Lancaster County, except for those big things

  1. shrimplate says:

    >On the highway from Yuma to San Diego there’s a high long ridge with a row of these huge graceful machines. I love them. They’re hypnotically beautiful.

  2. wunelle says:

    >There are several very large wind farms around my area of Wisconsin. There were a couple turbines when I first moved here–evidently a test bed for the area–and now that one installation has grown to 60 or 70 units.No idea where they come from, but I’m glad to see the alternative. We can specify with our utilities how much of our energy is sourced from green sources, and the cost goes up a bit accordingly.

  3. Marcellina says:

    >That sounds interesting. I also hear the recurring argument that these things are hazardous for birds, but can’t think how. Maybe an earlier type of turbine? Germany has strong feelings about environmental protection, and they wouldn’t be allowed to erect these things if there was a hazard.

  4. shrimplate says:

    >I’ve heard that, too, Marcellina. As if energy troglodytes could give a rat’s ass about birds.Windmills are bad for children too, I suppose. They could shoot your eye out!

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