>Late Bloomer

>Update: It’s a Haemanthus albiflos! Interestingly, Wikipedia mentions that it “thrives on healthy neglect”. Which, here at Bergschloss Marcellina, is the order of the day. Special thanks to reader MK who knows a thing or two about flora.

There are four of these plants, nearly identical in size. When they first came into my care 4 summers ago, they all consisted of two oval leaves and nothing more. Since they didn’t “do” anything nor need much attention, I pretty much left them to their own devices most of the time.
Last summer, however, just before I left for 5 weeks in America, three of the things, for the first time, started to push up some sort of flowery shoots. By the time I returned it was all over.

But one of them waited until now, for whatever reason.

Like me, a late bloomer.

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4 Responses to >Late Bloomer

  1. MK says:

    >It’s Haemanthus albiflos.

  2. Hecate says:

    >V lovely!

  3. Jacob says:

    >Congratulations on your blossoms!Haemanthus like to take their time getting their roots just as they like them before they offer up flowers. In fact most members of the Amaryllidaceae (including the genus Haemanthus) rely on perennial roots, instead of growing an entire new batch each year. So the only reason to repot is when the soil media has decomposed too much or the bulbs and roots are cracking the pot!Here are some of my Haemanthus: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morabeza79/sets/72157594446023877/Jacob

  4. >Very cool plant. It’s new on me.

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