>Spuren der DDR: Grenzturm

> Ever since I moved here I have been mildly fascinated with the remains of the German/German border. A high point of the trip to Freiberg was crossing over that line, which of course is now, at that place, simply the state border between Saxony and Bavaria. There’s nothing to see anymore except for a lonely guard tower on a nearby hill, smaller than one might have imagined. I hope they never tear it down.
East Berlin’s Palast der Republik is gone now, that big hulking pile of orange-brown glass. In all its ugliness, it was actually a beautiful reminder of an important part of Germany’s history. I visited it a few times during trips to Berlin, when it was already an empty shell housing various traveling art exhibitions. It could have been cleaned up and restored with relatively little money.
And yet the city actually tore the thing down, hoping to put up a replica of the old palace which had stood there before the war. That’s in the works, at least. Where they’ll the get the money now, in these times of serious financial woe, is anyone’s guess.

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