>Yes We Have!!

>America’s next First Family.

It was downright frustrating, not being able to stay awake for the crucial hours as the vote tallies were coming in to CNN. (Due to an important rehearsal the following morning and a performance tonight, it just wasn’t going to happen.) When I turned off the TV, Pennsylvania still hadn’t been called, nor Virginia. When I woke up in the early morning (like a kid on Christmas morning, not really being able to sleep!), I switched it back on briefly to see the results, and then drifted back off in bliss.
Am I proud? Oh yes. For President-elect Obama, and especially proud of all the volunteers who spent the better part of the last few months working so hard for him. The ones like the woman I know from over at Eschaton, who worked the campaign in deepest-red western Pennsylvania, and came home more than once practically in tears, after hearing expressions of racism and ignorance thrown her way — for supporting a black man, a terrorist, a socialist (?!), marxist elite who would not only raise taxes but order mandatory gay marriage for everyone! One day she reported to us that a fellow Democrat told her that the pastor at the local Baptist church was warning his flock, that a vote for Obama was a vote for the Antichrist, since it was written, in Revelations no less, that the Antichrist will have been born in Hawaii!
What I really want is for the hysteria to be over. We’ve elected the best man for the job, not only the best-qualified but one able to lift us a little higher, or motivate us to lift ourselves higher, and to help America re-join the modern world. Let the work begin, we’re ready now.

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  1. wunelle says:

    >I’ve found you via my blog friend Shrimplate, and I enjoy your site.I’m a classical music lover myself, though only avocationally. (I have a not-much-updated blog for music reviews at The Tone Bigot. I’d always welcome the comments of a pro!)The illogic and paranoia of the extreme right seems like a mental illness to me. There is such hatred in some of them (I work among a very conservative crowd) with no solid grounding.Alas, victory is the best antidote!–Cheers

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