>I had a rehearsal in a village church, out in the high hinterlands. It’s the eve of All Saints, and the graves in the church cemetery were all adorned with votive candles which burn through the night. It looked almost Christmas-y, and it was quite beautiful.
Cemetery plots are not forever in Austria, you or your love ones rent one for a certain period of time (like 10 years). When that time is up, if you have no family willing to pay for another 10 years, your stone gets pulled up and someone else is buried on top of you. In fact, in some of the land-poor villages like Hallstadt, wedged between a lake and a cliff face, you only get those 10 years before you’re dug up and your bones are laid in the Beinhaus nearby.
If you’re famous enough, you might get an Ehrengrab, a grave of honor, which the state will take care of forever.

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