>Bonus Weekend Mountain Blogging

On such a beautiful day, I had to go out and take pictures. That’s the Nordkette (North Range) above, beyond it lay more mountains and, eventually, Bavaria.
An Argentine woman once told me that “Innsbruck is a very Italian city”, which didn’t make sense to me at the time but every so often I find a little bit of what she meant, like this corner building.
The Needle Bridge (it might have an actual name but I don’t know it!), built for the new incline which runs up to the Hungerburg. There is actually a city there on the left, hidden by the trees.
St. Nicholas Church, framed by trees and mountains. Really, almost everywhere you look it’s a postcard view.

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4 Responses to >Bonus Weekend Mountain Blogging

  1. shrimplate says:

    >Stopping by from the crack den of DFH’s. Great photos. I’m envious. We have no autumn here in the Sonoran desert.

  2. shrimplate says:

    >I put up a pictures-only post every Friday, and I always start with an opera singer (then dogs, usually sight-hounds, then an Arizona scene, then some written music, and ending with a notable sports event/figure.)Suggestions always welcome!Funny- the word-verification code below is “almenism.”

  3. Arkenor says:

    >Beautiful pictures as ever, Marcellina! The Needle bridge is going to be my wallpaper this week I think! I need to look at some quiet waters to calm me down in this election season!

  4. >What beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.

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