>Weekend Rooftop Blogging: Trainspotting

>A guest once walked out onto my terrace and remarked on how fortunate I was to have a view of the freight yard. He seemed to think it would be interesting to watch the trains come and go, the way people note airplane take-off schedules. It never interested me, but there you go.

Or, if the miniature version is more you thing,
there’s an empty shop in the town center currently housing a pretty large model train display. It’s maintained by a cranky old man who’s very nasty if you get too close to the table (and let me tell you, he hates little kids. This display is for him, not for their joy.) In fact I hesitated to take this photo, lest he come out and chase me away with a broom.

Just a little piece of Innsbruck life.

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2 Responses to >Weekend Rooftop Blogging: Trainspotting

  1. sabine says:

    >hey, i made those model train installations with my dad when i was a kid – especially in the time coming up to xmas, so as to better show and sell. he owned a model train store!When your finished with one of the larger types, like in your picture, you have probably spent the last 10 years making every little thing on it, including planting grass with tweezers. Yes one tends to get very very grumpy when people come to close. the best way viewing is leaning forward on your toes, neck streched to max, hands on your back, hoping not to crash into the installation.Go back and have a look at the detail with more time…..,he wants the attention…… just don’t expect to run the train.sabine

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Good idea, thanks!

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