>Kochel am See / Walchensee

>The beau and I joined a few fellow divers for an afternoon in Walchensee, in Bavaria near the Austrian border. Michael, who organized the trip, knew of a quiet and seldom-visited cove where we could park right at the water’s edge. The diving spot was delightful — shallow, and full of young perch playing among the seagrass, and a few larger pike checking us out. We also had the benefit of some “landmarks” — a bicycle in pieces, a dinner plate, some enormous tree trunks, a large rowboat — which had found their way to the lake bottom at some point.
On the ride back to Munich, a very quick stop in the town of Kochel am See, to get a picture of the area’s local legendary hero, the Blacksmith of Kochel. (Think Paul Bunyan as a fallen war hero.)

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  1. sabine says:

    >next year in summer, plan a walk around the lake, it is quite a lovely day trip. also go visit schlehdorf, benediktbeuren…..also if the convent of the sister anna is open, ask to see the kings room (insider tip, i grew up in the convent).sabine

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