>Are You Registered To Vote Yet?

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing in Denver, and I am following along as best I can. For those of us far away and living in different time zones, this means catching what we can at CNN International, and the Internet for the prime-time speeches which take place in the middle of the night. Speeches by Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton can be found at Crooks and Liars, (rest assured they are not being classified as such!), and I just caught Joe Biden’s speech from last night at Huffington Post. All excellent stuff.

I voted faithfully but never followed earlier campaigns as closely as I am following this one. There has been an awful lot of media-generated (and GOP-approved) drama going on in the last several months, especially about Hillary Clinton’s role in this election process. Last night, I hope, has cleared up any doubts people may have about the unity of this party. From now on it’s full steam ahead.

But what can a person do overseas, besides give money? My first task is to nag each and every eligible American I know to register to vote and actually do it. Democrats Abroad has made it easier to get information and forms, so no one has any excuse this time around.

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