>Week in New Hampshire

>I am fortunate enough to have a family member with a friend who loves to invite guests to his lake house.
The loons. Their eerie calls are especially beautiful late at night over the dark water.

What a way to relax.

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2 Responses to >Week in New Hampshire

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Marcellina, welcome back to your blog! Your photos are great, they capture perfectly the beauty of New England in the summertime. -Carlisle

  2. Jamie says:

    >Marcellina,What a wonderful family member and friend you have and what a beautiful time of the year to spend in the northeast.The loons are difficult to capture with a camera! Once spotted and after a camera is found and in hand, they dive. When they finally come to the surface, they are out of range or sight most times. Glad they waited for you!Welcome back!Beachin in Virginia

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