>Euro2008 Fan Pic of the Day

>Today’s game, the second Quarterfinal:

20:45, in Vienna: Croatia vs Turkey 1-1 (Turkey 1-3 win on penalties). Turks all over Europe go wild!

I honestly didn’t think they had much of a chance against Portugal— two first string players were injured (Podolski did end up playing, though), one young star had just sat out the previous game on a red card, their head coach was banned from the sidelines for this game for bickering with the ref at the last one, and Portugal was looking unbeatable. Which just goes to show you what I know! In the end, size does matter: the smaller Portuguese team was no match for those long, tall Teutons, who got their act together and played remarkably well. They had some secret plan to keep Cristiano Ronaldo back, and it worked.
Kudos to assistant coach Hansi Flick, who acted as head coach for the night (with his boss watching from the glass booth above) and did a brilliant job. Go Germany!

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