>Euro2008 Fan Pic of the Day: Schwedenmarsch

>An estimated ten thousand Swedish football fans gathered in the center of town for their traditional pre-game march to the stadium, and boy were they enthusiastic. And colorful! The whole town was awash in vivid yellow all afternoon, as they descended upon the outdoor cafes and fan zones. They even hung their banners around the Peterskeller beer garden and claimed it as theirs.
This Swedish maiden looks quite adept at waving that flag with one hand, and hold her beer out of harm’s way with the other!
Sadly, the Swedes lost to Russia, 2:0, and their return walk back from the stadium last night was less jubilant. But for a week, the Blond quotient in Innsbruck was remarkably high!

Today’s game, the first quarterfinal:
20:45 in Basel: Portugal vs Germany 2:3 Germany moves on to the Semifinals, Portugal goes home.

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