>I think I forgot to mention that Austria invited a large contingent of German police from nearby Bavaria to give support during the games. They have fresh experience from the well-organized World Cup two years ago, they have more experience in general with manning large crowds of possibly drunken people (think Oktoberfest) and hey, they almost speak the same language. My German beau thought it a bit weird at first, seeing German police vans lining the streets (of course it made us think of the Anschluss for a second) but they have been just great here; friendly, accessible, both genders well represented, always with an air of command but never with any kind of power-drunk control. They look trained to talk people out of doing stupid things, not tase them. They stand by and observe the festivities, and occasionally pose with fans.

Today’s games, third round for Group C:

20:45 in Zürich: France vs Italy — 0:2!
20:45 in Bern: Netherlands vs Romania 2:0

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  1. >You forgot to mention they’re hawt.

  2. Karin says:

    >Gosh, they’re cute!

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