>Euro2008 Fan Pic of the Day

>Today’s games, third and final round for Group A:

20:45 in Basel: Switzerland vs Portugal — 2:0
20:45 in Geneva: Turkey vs Czech Republic — 3:2

Switzerland is already out of the running, and Portugal is already in the Quarterfinal. As with the rest of the group games, this last round will be to determine who gets the second slot in that. So Turkey and Czech Republic will be fighting like there’s no tomorrow.

UPDATE: German TV didn’t show the Swiss’ victory over Portugal, but the report on the official website said that Portugal was using mostly second string players, in preparation for the quarterfinal. The Swiss are out anyway but it was a good face-saving win in their last game.

The second game was a real nail-biter to the end! Turkey scored their third goal in the last few minutes, and then their goalie did something stupid and got himself a red card, ejecting him for the final minutes. Turkey won nevertheless, and they’re going to the quarterfinal, much to everyone’s surprise.

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