>Euro2008 Fan Pic of the Day

>The Swedish fans, having seen their team through to victory in Salzburg (and, I’ll wager, having tired of Salzburg pretty quickly, as it’s the kind of place where they roll up the sidewalks after 10pm) have begun to wander over into Tirol, where their teams next game takes place in 3 days.

Today’s games, second round for Group A:

18:00 in Geneva: Czech Republic vs Portugal 1:3
20:45 in Basel: Switzerland vs Turkey 1:2

Having the first two of their three group games, Portugal is assured a place in the quarterfinal.
And Switzerland’s out — what a great game! The clouds broke open at the very beginning and just poured onto the field — the players splashed back and forth through several inches of water grass, and the ball just refused to roll. It was 1:1 going into the second half, when the rain finally stopped, and stayed that way until 2 minutes into overtime, when Turkey got their second goal.
I can hear all the local Turkish fans singing and cheering and honking their car horns, a mile away!

Soccer, a sport where even the refs are hot. This is Swiss referee Massimo Busacca, who officiated at last night’s game between Greece and Sweden.

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