>Euro2008 Fan Pic of the Day

>Today’s games, from Group D:

18:00, in Innsbruck: Spain vs Russia — 4:1 (ouch)
20:45, in Salzburg: Greece vs Sweden — 0:2

I found these guys stopped at the security checkpoint, surrendering the wooden stick to their flag and allowing their bags to be searched. They look just happy to be here (think how rarely Russians smile!) The Russian team plays Spain here tonight, so there must be lots of fans in town but I haven’t seen many — either they’re not wearing fan gear or they’re keeping out of the Altstadt. Spain has their own brass band parading through town all day!

UPDATE: The Russian Hordes have desecended, but the Spaniards called in for re-enforcements, ‘cos now there’s five times as many as yesterday. So far everybody seems to be having a great time, there’s no tension in the air between the two groups — in fact, there was a lot of communal picture posing for the news cameras. The Spanish fan’s spirit is downright infectious, even I was singing along to “Eviva España” as I milled through the crowds.
Sweden is playing tonight in Salzburg, so I am curious what these two Swedes were doing here, but they seemed to be having a fine time anyway.

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