>Green Roof Update

>Taking a closer look at the green roof, I’ve come to the conclusion that they very well might be using it as a testing ground, to determine which plants can thrive in that environment. My camera doesn’t show the close-ups too sharply (sorry about that) but the top level has a good covering of grasses and even wildflowers.
Below one can make out two plots of grass (one left, one toward the back, right) and a struggling one in the bottom right corner; the rest were never green at all this spring.
Here one can see more wildflowers. These two patches seem to be working.
I haven’t been able to track down any public information about the green roof on the internet. I doubt very much that the people at the information booth in the mall even know there’s one over their heads. Maybe I’ll send off an e-mail to the architecture firm and ask.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Here in the States, succulents seem to be the green roof plant of choice; personally I would be a little concerned about dried out grasses (fire hazard?). Thank you for the progress reports! -Carlisle

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