>A table waiting just for us at a Biergarten in Herrsching, on the shore of the Ammersee. From here we enjoyed great Bavarian food while gazing out at the lake and watching the passenger ferries pull up to the docks.
Sunday, a visit to the Lenbach House in Munich, an art museum. Housed here are lots of paintings from the Blue Rider school: Kandinsky, Jawlensky, August Macke, Franz Marc, Gabriele Münter, Marianne von Werefkin, among others.

Nice gardens they got there, eh?
Currently on exhibit are a few works by Sarah Morris, including “1972”, the film she made of interviews with the then-head psychologist for the Munich Police during the the Olympics and the PLO attacks. Interesting stuff. The link will take you to a short film about the film, including scenes from the initial screening and an interview with Sarah Morris herself.

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