>Weeken Mountain Blogging: Natters

>No rest for me yet, even after the premiere (which went very, very well): today is Pfingsten (Pentecost) and I had somewhat stupidly agreed to sing the morning mass at a little village church just outside of town. Since it was a gorgeous day and the view is so nice out there, I brought my camera along.

This tiny church managed to fit its choir, a small pick-up orchestra and four soloists behind the altar for Haydn’s St. Nicholas Mass. It was a little crowded; every time I stood up to sing, I had to be careful not to hit the head of the violinist sitting in front of me with my score. It all went surprisingly well, however, and now I can kick back and enjoy the legal holiday tomorrow.

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  1. >That place is so cute it makes my teeth hurt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Congratulations on a successful premiere! -Carlisle

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