>Ain’t that pretty? 10 months worth of fruit and vegetable peels, plant cuttings, coffee grounds, eggshells, tea leaves and ash from the wood burning stove have evolved into a wet, black mass of earth, ideal fertilizer for the summer plants.
I’m lucky to have a small rooftop terrace where I can tend to an urban food garden if I wish. The fact that I am gone for several weeks in the summer tends to limit my choices, but I’ve found that there’s always time for a few tomato plants and an herb garden at the very minimum. This year I’ve planted potatoes as well. Hanging/trailing plants, like string beans, do not do well up here due to the wind gusts, but sturdier, shorter plants do just fine.
As far as the herb garden, I plant basil, chives and parsley every year, and have a nice hardy rosemary which has survived nicely though two winters so far. There’s also a volunteer lemon balm, good for making tea.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Your kompost IS beautiful. You might want to check the pH before spreading it around your tomatoes – wood ashes tend to be alkaline, and tomatoes, if I’m not mistaken, like somewhat acidic soil. Off topic: God bless North Carolina. What a fantastic night for Obama! -Carlisle

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