>Weend Rooftop Bloggging: Garden Edition

>The little red stalks have grown into a peony bush, and the leaves have taken on more green. It’s amazing what two weeks’ time will do.
The bleeding heart (tränendes Herz) has begun to flower. It’s one of the first to do so, and when it’s done the plant is pretty much done for the season — we cut it back and let it sit out the rest of the year.

Two new tomato plants from the local Gärtnerei. The one on the right already has fruit. It’s too early to plant them outside but I’m letting them soak up some morning sunshine. In these parts, local wisdom dictates that you wait until the Eisheiligen (“Ice Saints”) have passed until you plant annuals or put out anything that won’t survive a late frost. These are the saints’ days of Pancras, Mamertus, Servatus, and Sophia “Die kalte Sofie“, and they fall on May 12-15. The reason for this is that there seems to be a frequent drop in temperature in mid-May, observed by gardeners over the centuries.
One becomes a little more in tune to saints days as it’s a predominantly catholic country, and the church lore has mixed in and become part of local lore. After Easter there is a nice stretch of almost weekly catholic holidays: May Day (our Labor Day), Ascension, Pentacost (Monday holiday), Corpus Christi. Unfortunately for us, the first two fall on the same date this year.

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    >Marcellina – what kind of tomatoes are those?/GWPDA

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