>Where The Wankers Are

>We had a few days free before the Easter holidays, so I roped my significant other into a day trip to eastern Allgäu, a region of southwest Bavaria (think Ludwig’s castles) in order to check out a place called Wank. Just for the hell of it. So, here’s Wank!

Here’s the downtown area…

It certainly has a unique skyline which can be seen from, oh, 100 meters.
That was Wank. Come again soon!

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4 Responses to >Where The Wankers Are

  1. >No Wankers in the town?

  2. marcellina says:

    >Not a single one, Kenosha. But the weather was sucky, and it was a weekday afternoon.

  3. Soprano says:

    >What are those little pointy things on top of the buildings? Chimney pots?

  4. marcellina says:

    >soprano, that’s the same building from different angles, and it looked to be some sort of church or old schoolhouse, with a little belltower.

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