>Out Of Town

>Ah, Vienna. So much to do, so little time. Nevertheless I managed to fit pretty much in, starting with a birthday lunch (not my birthday) at a little Japanese-run sushi place near the Naschmarkt. After that some shopping and a walk through the center, just as the late afternoon sun was casting a warm glow on the city.
We took a break for Melanges in the late playwright Thomas Bernhard’s old haunt, Brauner Hof. The quintessential Viennese coffeehouse: original 50s decor, rude, disinterested waiters, newspapers to pore over for hours if you wish to spend the entire afternoon. As the tourists all seemed to be over at Dehmel and Havelka, so we and the locals had the place to ourselves.

The evening was spent over dinner with friends. More visits the next day, plus squeezing in an afternoon movie (“I’m Not There”) before attending an opera performance. Drinks afterward with a few of the participants.

I made a stop in Salzburg on the way, to see some other old friends and catch up on all the gossip. On the way back to Innsbruck today I snapped this picture of one of my all-time favorite views, from the train. I didn’t love living there, but it sure is a beautiful town. Oh, and it’s finally snowed!

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