>Welcome, neighbor.

>Several weeks ago I installed this thingy called Sitemeter, out of curiosity for what it could do for me. With it, I discovered, I can see the general locations of people logging on (nothing I could possibly track you down with, no worries there) and noticed right away quite a few hits out of Pennsylvania, my home state. And while I am inexpressibly grateful to all my readers, I have to smile a little when I see those PA town names.

And for Eschaton readers from Pennsylvania (and environs): EschaCon 08: if you can, go! I wish I could. March 28-30 in Philadelphia. More information at http://eschacon08.blogspot.com/.
Maybe next year I’ll be able to go, and meet some of you.

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  1. >Hi Marcellina,I’ve enjoyed your comments on Atrios’ site, and wanted to check out your blog. Very nice! Great photos, especially. Nice to see a fellow Pennsylvanian making good in the world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >…atrios has a cunning plan to see that Pennsylvania decides the ticket.-Mr.M

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