>Weekend Alp Blogging

>This is the view behind my apartment, so I had to go into the neighborhood to get a shot of them. It’s hard to make out but in the middle of that white stuff is the Seegrube, with a ski lift station, a hotel and restaurant, and a cafe with a sunny terrace. Perfectly good skiing up there, I’ve been told. The collection of houses about 900 meters up the mountain is the Hungerburg.
A piece of hidden Innsbruck: a working farm, almost smack in the middle of town. They have dairy cows too. And all around, apartments and shop buildings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Oh, I loved that close in farms I saw when visiting my friend in Switzerland–just outside Berne. Since it was winter the cows were kept in the barns, with their tails tied up to a cable overhead!And everyone who had any property at all had a compost in their yard.We skiied at Grindelwald–so beautifuljawbone.

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