>Fasching in Munich 2

>More of our Carneval experiences in Munich — this guy’s dropped his pants and it’s still broad daylight, so you know the alcohol’s been flowing since the early morning.

Naturally, the most imaginative and well-done costumes were on middle-aged gay men!

But there were little ones at the party too; here’s Pocahontas, her bat-girl sister and their father, Eric The Red.
And, of course, it’s wasn’t too early to get so wasted that you couldn’t even stand up anymore. This cowgirl’s had enough, judging from the bottles all around her. And yes, one or two people had already puked from drunkenness. But one the whole, it was a happy event, everyone was having a good time, no one was getting mean from the alcohol. These Bavarians know how to party.

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  1. Carlisle says:

    >That chessboard hat is to die for!

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