>"St. Nicholas Dive" in Bavaria

My beau and I took part in a dive in Starnberger See last weekend, in which I got to try out a dry suit in the cold, cold lake. The water was 5° Celsius, the weather was crappy, my face and hands (in neoprene gloves) were numb from the cold, but you know what, I had a great time. I managed a 20 minute look-around (there is really nothing there but sand and grass, and a few stumps), before emerging and being treated to hot Glühwein, Grillwürstchen and good company.
One particular thing which I enjoy about diving; once I’m underwater, I forget about everything else that’s going on in my life. I begin to live completely in the moment, and as I’m still a novice diver, being underwater becomes a real test of second-by-second concentration: steady breathing, maintaining a stable buoyancy, pressure equalization, not kicking up sediment, responding to my buddy, steady breathing, maintaining a stable buoyancy, pressure equalization, not kicking up sediment….it’s still an endless cycle of “working at it” for me, of high concentration. My beau, a much more experienced diver, compares this living-in-the-moment to the “flow” in which one finds oneself during an exceptionally beautiful passage of music. It’s a bliss, a euphoria, a way of feeling at one with yourself and with the world. That’s him in the photo, on the right. He’s just been made Divemaster, and I am very proud of him!

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  1. Gromit says:

    >Brrrr. If climbing into that water with him (drysuit or no) isn’t an exalted level of commitment, I don’t know what is. Sometime, I’d love to hear about your experiences learning to dive. Our Cayman trip has led me to think about scuba lessons. I took a pool course years ago, but couldn’t get comfortable with the equipment. Something about having to expel all your air in order to get the next breath. Or maybe it was the horrible ex-Marine instructor.When did blogger start requiring logins and retyping squiggly letters to comment? I see it’s required on my site too.

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