>It’s In The Mail; No, Really!

>One thing I’ve had to get used to since I’ve been here is getting most of my Christmas shopping done early. It is recommended that one ship overseas holiday packages several weeks in advance, which means you have to start thinking about these things pretty far ahead. Online shopping has been a great help — especially Amazon, which I use frequently — but it’s hard to browse for a present when you have little-to-no idea what you want to give someone. This year most of my gifts were bought here in town, and today I got them all wrapped, boxed and off to the post office. A five-pound box, I was informed there, would cost twenty-five euros for normal shipping (10-20 days), and thirty euros for priority (8-10 days.) Holy cow. I chose the normal rate, and am keeping my fingers crossed that they all get to where they’re going by Christmas Day.
Now I can start Christmas shopping for my boyfriend.

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