>Time for Kiachl!

Now that things have calmed down, I did something I have been meaning to do lately, which was to walk through town with my camera and take photos of anything that caught my eye. This view is one of Innsbruck’s most famous, with the Golden Roof and the snowy Alps in the background, found on many postcards. The Christkindlmarkt is set up here, and people convene to drink Glühwein and eat Kiachl. This is a Tirolean specialty only available at this time of year, and consists, roughly speaking, of a life-raft-shaped unsweetened doughnut which is filled with either Preislbeeren (like cranberry preserves) or Sauerkraut: lots of vitamin C in either choice, to help get you through December

This friendly hurdy-gurdy-playing Santa allowed me to take his picture. For a small donation, natürlich.

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4 Responses to >Time for Kiachl!

  1. Gromit says:

    >Glühwein? Hmmm, wein = wine, probably. And I’m gonna guess that glüh must mean “mulled” or “hot”, rather than “glue”. Am I close? What do I win?

  2. Gromit says:

    >Oh, and I didn’t know about the traditional donations to hurdy gurdy players until I took a photo of one in Vienna a couple of years ago. He conveyed the expectation quite clearly, though I understood not a word. After I gave him a euro and a sample from the box of chocolates I was enjoying, we both laughed it off. For a minute there, it was touch and go. I do try to blend in when I travel, and don’t want to be another disgrace to america.

  3. echidne says:

    >I can’t see the pics for some reason. But glühwein is very nice. We call it glogg.

  4. Arkenor says:

    >I want to see Santa!!!!! Waaaah!!!www.arksark.org/blog/

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